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Black Series Sister Yasmin Art not-a-coaster (4x4)

Black Series Sister Yasmin Art not-a-coaster (4x4)

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The Story: Based on an original BoxGirl art piece. Her name is Yasmeen. She is created as the older of two siblings fashioned after me and my best friend Yasmin. See below for her story.

The materials used in her creation are wood, cotton flower, art tile, African cloth, cracked glass, egg crate, yarn

Don't settle for boring when you can have beautiful, handmade pieces of art that will last for years to come. Order your set of handmade art not-a-coaster today and experience the difference in quality and your mood. 

Our not-a-coasters are functional, unique works of art, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. They are perfect for entertaining guests or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home with your favorite beverage. 

Our tile art features an epoxy resin coating and cork backing in case you wanted to use it as a coaster (wink wink)

Dimensions: 4.25 in x 4.25 in

Yasmeen – Born Date: Yasmeen was born in Chocolate City but spent the 80’s raised a product of a free-spirited mother, so she spent her formative years in Springfield, Illinois, and Dallas, Texas with summers and C spent in Washington, DC with her grandparents and family.

Yasmeen soaked up those regional influences with music binding them all together. Loving the Go-Go produced only by original Washingtonians from the Chocolate City era and soaking up the southern hospitality and sense of defiance and rebellion found in the Texan culture. This collage of experiences l to Jamila joining the Peace Corps and traveling around the world on assignment. She has served communities in the Congo, Ecuador, Myanmar, and more.

Yasmeen didn’t find out about her sister until she was fourteen years old. Despite the late entry, Yasmeen and her sister Yasmin are close and often collaborate on various initiatives to raise money and awareness for women in children in need in the United States.


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